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Jaysee A. Soto HAS, BC-HIS

began his career in Audiology in 2013 in West Palm Beach, FL. After receiving his state licensure as a Hearing Instrument Specialist, he worked diligently to obtain his National Board-Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. His passion for reconnecting others to the sound of life is the driving force to providing his patients with the highest quality hearing healthcare solutions.

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I’ve needed hearing aids for years but was vain and didn’t want to admit it. Aetna recommended Dr Soto so I got tested and learned a lot about my hearing loss. Dr Soto is extremely knowledgeable and explains in an understandable fashion. We found an affordable set and he fitted me a week ago. The change has been “dramatic”. I’m hearing things I don’t remember hearing before. As I went outside this morning I thought I heard the sprinklers going except they weren’t on. Turns out I was hearing the leaves touching each other in the wind. WOW – what a refreshing sound. I highly recommend you at least check it out.

- Ashby C | Apopka, FL

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We are proud residents of the city of Altamonte Springs, which is why we opened our business within the same community. Altamonte Family Hearing is a local small business in Seminole county, and a proud member of our Seminole County Chamber of Commerce. When you support a local business you help improve your community. You support a local family, as opposed to large corporations. You support the friendly faces that you see at local community events, and most importantly, you work directly with the business owners who will put your best interests at heart and help improve your quality of life.

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