At Altamonte Family Hearing, we offer comprehensive services centered around your hearing health and wellness. As a small, independent, family-owned business, we are committed to increasing accessibility to hearing health care. This means working within your budget and providing you individualized care that meets your needs.


Free Hearing Evaluations and Consultations

Identifying your hearing needs starts with a hearing test. This noninvasive and painless process establishes the specific type of hearing loss and the degree of impairment you could be experiencing. We encourage our patients to bring a loved one to the hearing evaluation appointment as many times we can discover areas of opportunity when performing our familiar voice test. The Consultation appointments for a hearing exam consist of:


Hearing Aid Fittings

Once you have completed your hearing test and we have an accurate picture of your unique hearing profile, we then work together to determine a hearing aid that may be the best fit for you. We will take many aspects into account when determining your ideal hearing aid, including your lifestyle, occupation, style preferences and budget.

Once we have found an aid that works for you, we then conduct a professional fitting. The term “hearing aid fitting” refers to both the physical fit and the performance of the devices. While we will check the way the hearing aid fits into and onto your ear to ensure it is snug and comfortable - this is just one aspect of a fitting. We will also finely tune the specific settings of your hearing aid to precisely match your unique hearing profile and needs.


Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurement is one of the most important steps in the hearing aid fitting process. Many people may be fitted with hearing aids in a quiet office setting – but they end up not wearing them regularly, in part because the devices do not accurately amplify sounds in the real world. At Altamonte Family Hearing, we use real ear measurement to address this issue.

Real ear measurement is a painless procedure and a best practice among expert audiologists. With your hearing aids in your ears, we insert a thin microphone into your ear canal within 2mm from your eardrum. While we play speech sounds, the microphone picks up how the sounds actually sound inside your ear with your hearing aids. This way, we can finely tune your hearing aids to precisely and naturally amplify sound to ensure that you fully benefit from your new devices.


Hearing Aid Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

We work with industry-leading hearing aids and provide critical hearing support and maintenance. These durable devices last for quite some time, typically 5-6 years when properly cared for. However, because they are worn daily, they can be impacted by daily wear and tear and could benefit from repairs. We provide in house repair services to ensure that your hearing aid is always meeting your needs! Common repairs include:

  • Repairing the battery doors
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Replacing receiver (speaker) wires
  • Dehumidifying the hearing aids
  • Replacing the earmold tubing
  • Replacing the domes and filter system
  • And more!

Hearing aids are an incredibly important investment in your hearing health and daily life. We prioritize hearing aid maintenance and care, preventing you from experiencing disruptions.


Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is a useful way to protect your hearing health from environmental exposure to loud noise. Loud noise can significantly impact hearing and is one of the major causes of hearing loss. People are most commonly exposed to hazardous levels of noise in the workplace, listening to audio on electronic devices, and during recreational events such as loud music functions and shooting firearms without protection. Hearing protection reduces the amount and impact of loud noise you absorb. We provide custom hearing protection which is built specifically for you and your ears. We take a mold of your ear canal and create custom made ear plugs which serve as a protective barrier for your eardrums.


Assistive Listening Devices

These devices are different from hearing aids and are useful for providing more sound amplification. Altamonte Family Hearing provides amplified captioned telephones to enhance sound, making it easier to hear and process the sound from your phone. This makes phone conversations more accessible and easier to engage in, encouraging you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


We believe in accessibility to great hearing health care. We understand that hearing aids are a financial investment into your quality of life. That is why we are proud to accept health insurance plans to help off-set some of the costs associated with treating your hearing loss. Feel free to give us a call to determine if we are contracted with your insurance company.