"Mr. Soto is professional, kind, down to earth, easy to communicate with, and knowledgeable. I received a mailer in my mailbox, from Altamonte Family Hearing, testing a new product. After years of asking others to repeat themselves, I decide to be tested for hearing loss. Not much for the volume, more so for clarity. I received my first pair of hearing aids in June. I have noticed a nice improvement. I recently visited with my daughter, she saw my hearing aids and thought they were earbuds. I did inform her that I wear hearing aids. She stated, 'I thought there is a difference, you're not asking me to repeat myself.'"

- Tammie Y.

"What a pleasure to deal with a professional like Jaysee Soto. He understands hearing aids and people...and can translate the terms we 'hearing impaired' folks use to describe our issues with the our hearing aid performance. He is easy to deal with and always willing to try 'one' more setting to improve our hearing. I have followed Jaysee through 2 different hearing stores and are thrilled that he now has his own place."

- Thomas Koester