About Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an effective treatment option for most hearing impaired individuals. These medical devices are an important investment in your hearing health. Worn daily, hearing aids allow people to manage their days with greater ease and safety. They absorb, amplify, and process sound which provides significant support. This helps people hear and communicate more effectively, increases spatial awareness, and can help remove unwanted noises in noisy environments.

There are numerous hearing aid options with different features and technologies that seamlessly integrate into our patients daily life. At Altamonte Family Hearing, we prioritize your needs and preferences to provide quality recommendations that can transform your hearing health.

Hearing Aid Styles

One of the most common misconceptions about hearing aids is that they are bulky and all too noticeable. However, most of the hearing aids available today are nearly invisible and there are various discreet styles to choose from. Our team is here to help you learn, try, and decide which device is optimal for you. It is useful to know that the most common styles of hearing aids are:


In addition to all of these styles, there are several hearing aid manufacturers that we work with to ensure the availability of the best options for your hearing needs.

Important Factors to Consider

Hearing loss looks different for every person meaning that your needs are specific to you. We consider your individual needs and preferences to recommend a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss. Important factors that are considered include:

Our priority is to recommend the hearing aid that will effectively treat your hearing needs. Hearing aids also come with a warranty and service plan to keep them working for years to come. Our passion is reconnecting our patients with the sound of life. That journey begins with you scheduling a complete hearing evaluation so that we can assess and treat your hearing care needs.